Product Development

At BCI we are committed to transform healthcare through science and innovation. We are working on innovation, introduction, and development of products.

Research & Innovation

At BCI we share ideas, expertise and technology to find answers to the big questions and tackle challenges. BCI is at the forefront of supporting cutting edge research benefitting patients and populations worldwide. We advance clinical practice by ensuring the translation of pioneering research in the quickest possible time. Our research & innovation team work in close collaboration with the Industry and academics to facilitate this.

New Product Development

Our new product development and innovation team engage in the discovery, development, and commercialisation of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. We are dedicated to transformative innovation in healthcare. Our mission is to systematically reduce the time and cost of product development process. We partner with innovative pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions to ensure that important products are discovered and delivered to treat unmet health and medical needs. Our goal is to serve our partners, contribute positively to the healthcare system, and improve the lives and well-being of people around the world.

Existing Product Development

Evolving existing products in lines with a changing market is a common challenge. Pharmaceutical manufacturers want to create second generation products that are efficient or can be produced at a lower cost. Innovating to address these specific challenges is a key area where BCI can work collaboratively with our partners. We work with our partners to produce the very best, most innovative products on the market.

Designing and Reformulating Existing Products for claims and new markets

Designing and reformulating existing products for health claims and new market is our area of expertise. Organisations wish to change their existing product so that they are able to make a “marketing claim” about it. This could be a health based claim or consumer perception claim. Similarly, an organisation may wish to introduce a product to a new market and the requirements of that market may require a change to the product We can help you with the legislation, reformulate your product or how you phrase the claims. We can help you with reformulation required for the existing product to achieve the desired end product. We will ensure that the existing product is developed with a holistic approach, incorporating consumer/patient acceptability, commercial viability, technical feasibility and legal compliance.

  • We can identify what is required to change in a product to make it different and reformulate the product accordingly
  • Working with our regulatory team, we can identify the ways in which a formulation needs to change in order to be applicable to a given market and we can reformulate the product accordingly
Designing & Reformulating Existing Products for quality and consistency

We are experts in designing quality product and its manufacturing process to consistently deliver the intended performance of the product. Product quality with consistency and predictability is of critical importance to our clients. We can provide a greater understanding of the development of the drug product and its manufacturing process. We can identify critical formulation attributes and process parameters through an assessment of the extent to which their variation can have impact on the quality of the drug product. We can support to protect your brand/ reputation, improve the sustainability of raw material sourcing or modify the manufacturing process to achieve the desired quality. Experts from across our science and innovation team can identify the scientific reasons for variations in product quality and recommend actions to mitigate to ensure product safety, quality & efficacy. We can help you with developing specifications, implementing and monitoring process changes, continuous improvement, identifying, auditing and evaluating suppliers and troubleshooting ad-hoc events.